New Fast Food Places

Gone are the days when there were very limited number of options to dine out in Sahiwal. With city getting status of a division, it has been successful to attract new investors successfully. As result of that we see addition in eateries. McDonald’s and Pizza Hut are two such places where people go out to grab their bites.

Here is Map View of McDonald’s

Here is Map View of Pizza Hut


Attractions of Sahiwal

If you are planning to visit Sahiwal, there are few recommendations to make your trip worthwhile:


  • Ameer Din (for desi breakfast)
  • Sardar Sweets (for quality burfi – a sweet made from pure milk and sugar)
  • Bulbul (for chicken karahi)
  • Iris (for continental)
  • Zaiqa Inn (for continental)
  • Pick More
  • Saltish (fast food)
  • Kings and Queens (fast food)
  • Botay Ke Samosay
  • Shahi Ke Samosay
  • Iqbal Sweets
  • Al Farid Bakers


  • Faridia Park
  • Canaan Park


  • Sahiwal Clup
  • Gymkhana


  • Sori Gali
  • Kukoos
  • Sadar Bazar
  • Old Civil Lines
  • Hang Ten
  • Charcoal
  • Uniworth
  • Breeze
  • Minin n Minors


  • Jinnah Library
  • GC Sahiwal, Library


Walk, running, cycling and my college

Whenever I visit Sahiwal, I try to take some time out to spend it my way by visiting Government College Sahiwal.

I often go to college riding bicycle. I pass by different lawns, hockey and football grounds, Masjid, swimming pool, academic block, cafeteria, cycle stand and library. The moments I spend there take me to days I spent as a student during 1999 to 2001. All the friends, teachers and fun flash through my mind to eyes.

Sometimes, I go there over a car. Park it in front of Masjid; offer Asar or Maghrib prayer – depending upon time; watch boys playing games; smell aroma of roses; recall past and move on to home.

Once, I went for running in the morning along with Farrukh and Haseeb. It was nice to see old and young lot jogging to keep themselves healthy early before dawn.

GC Sahiwal is undoubtedly a place to visit. It was built as a Cadet College but the plan couldn’t turn into reality since Army wanted to have military college in Okara – a city at the distance of 30 minutes.

I feel great that I have been part of the college that has produced many doctors, engineers, business graduates and professionals of various fields. I simply adore this place and recommend you to visit it once in life.

Commissioner House of Sahiwal

The status of Sahiwal has been promoted as Division from District. This means more government officials will be sitting in the city and they will exercise more power for the welfare of the citizens. In order to achieve that Commissioner has been moved to the city and Commissioner House is under construction. Few days back I had a chance to visit the area where Commissioner of Sahiwal sits. It was a huge place surrounded by fence with large size gardens in it and some old beautiful trees. I found it serene I must say. Here are some pictures i captured during my visit:


PAF F-6 in Sahiwal

PAF has done something good by donating a former jet fighter plane to Sahiwal. A F-6 (Mig 19) is installed near Jhaaz Ground for the display. This bears tail number 7710.

PAF F6 Fighter

About Sahiwal

Sahiwal (Urdu: ساہیوال) is a growing city in southeastern Punjab province of Pakistan and the administrative centre of Sahiwal District. Founded in 1865, the town was formerly known as Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery, then Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab. It took its current name in 1966. Sahiwal lies approximately 180 km from the major city of Lahore. And it is the biggest city between Lahore and Multan. The population is 207,388 (1998 Pakistan Census). Sahiwal District is included in the former Multan Division and lies between 30-39 north latitude and 73-06 longitude. The people of Sahiwal are known as Sahiwalians.


Sahiwal is famous for cotton ginning and pressing, tanning, textile spinning, textile weaving, leather products, garments, pharmaceuticals, flour mills, food industry, oil mills, tobacco, vegetable ghee/cooking oil, biscuit plants, chip board, confectionery, and woollen textile spinning/weaving. The Sahiwal breed of cattle, recognised as the most productive of all Zebu dairy breeds, originated here, though they are now found widely throughout the tropics. The main crops of the Sahiwal district are wheat, cotton, sugarcane, maize and rice. Main fruits are citrus, mangoes and guava. Sahiwal is a green and fertile town with 11,522 acres under naturally grown forests.

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